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March Madness – Saturday Stopover – The Clutter Dragon #1 — 2 Comments

  1. Thank you for the comment, Francine. I so understand the work involved with the paintings. It is a big job to have the sorted and organized and readied for a show. I wish I could attend your opening – and I love Sonoma. What a very beautiful countryside there. I have a friend who lives there –

    I got a tremendous amount of work done today- but still a long road ahead to get through it – and yes, I’ll be discarding a lot of paper! It drives me crazy to the point I just have to come to a screeching stop and begin to do what I must do – de-clutter. I appreciate that you took the time to drop me a note today. Thank you.

  2. I’m right there with you! Yesterday, I spent the morning going through my papers! Taking action where necessary, filing information, and throwing tons out! Plus, I’m getting ready for a group show in Sonoma beginning March 22 through May 1.

    I know I “should” finish the painting (wire it, varnish it, title and sign it. In reality I most often don’t until a show or a studio visit. So, it’s beginning to look better but I have stacks that need to be put away but in a new way.
    Hugs, Francine

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