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This is a series of articles featuring poetry by Lynda McKinney Lambert.

With each poem, Prof. Lambert shares the backstory of how the poem was created.


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“I am immersed in a river” poem. Read it Here.

Photo: Bob & Lynda Lambert. On the beach in Puerto Rico.

May 31, 2022_The story behind the poem, Primavera: When Spring Break is Over  Read it here.

This is one of the four poems by Lynda, featured in the new anthology, Poetry Treasures 2:  Relationships – See it here.

This poem was created by using my journal notes from yearly travel-study courses in Puerto Rico.  I combine my notes with perceptions and memories to create this poem.



Photo: Courtsey of Pexels. “Rain”1149914

May 28, 2022_Graceful Choreography (AKA August Morning), In this post I describe the 20-year journey of this poem.

The idea for this poem began with a journal entry I made while standing in a meadow observing the landscape around me one afternoon.   I share the poem and the original journal entry.  This is the backstory of the poem.  Here.



Photo by Lynda McKinney Laambert.
Putti Staircase at Mirabell Palace.

May 27, 2022_Salome’s Garden_Write a Poem from a Journal Entry.  Here






Courtesy of Lynda McKinney Lambert.

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