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Merry Christmas from Lynda McKinney Lambert

2023 –

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My  new book launch interview

with  Behind Our Eyes.


I always think of a poem  as incomplete if it is not spoken out loud.

Each poem has a voice and you all gave a voice to the poems you read this night.

For this interview, I invited four writers to participate and read their favorite poem from my new book.

Readers are:

Ilsa Barry; Christina M. Eder;  R. Andrew Lambert; Wes Sims

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Inspirational Journeys – Ann Harrison interviews Lynda – Listen NOW!


2022 Newsletters


December  – Read it Here!

Lynda’s September through December  Newsletter, Issue #5 is now Published!

Published December 16, 2022.

That’s a WRAP for 2022, Folks. Thank you for your kind comments and for reading my blog posts.



May – August – Read it NOW!

Lynda’ August Newsletter, Issue #4 is now Published!

Published August 31, 2022.






Newsletter – Issue #1 – July 2021

_Read my first newsletter – Read it here.



Poetry Treasures 2 – Relationships – Anthology 2022


of Poetry Treasures 2: Relationships (Anthology)


New From  WordCrafter

Edited and compiled by Robbie Cheadle and Kaye Lynn Booth


Announcement – Blog Tour & Book Launch

Four of my personal favorite poems appear in this new collection created by Robbie Cheadle and Kaye Lynne Booth.

As a visual artist, I bring the unique skills of conceptual art into my literary creations. Spare poems and thoughtful personal essays are my passion.  My materials are gathered from memories, journal entries, cultural artifacts, found objects and communications.


I write poems in response to particular situations and deeply individual private encounters. Some are chance meetings, and others are gleaned from e-mails I receive or memories from my childhood or family life. My poems bring the reader into a private space where they may observe intimate relationships through all of their senses.


Below: I share the inspiration and thought I had when writing the four poems I chose for this new Anthology with the theme of Relationships.

_A Togetherness Poem_
This poem covers the space of an entire day as I ask my husband to write a poem with me in the early morning. The result of my request develops through dialogue and musings about writing poetry with my husband.  I selected this poem to share a relationship I have with my husband.  On April 14, we were married sixty one years.

_Afternoon Embroidery Lesson_

The poem peers into an afternoon activity. The setting is my grandmother’s kitchen, where I am a young girl who is stitching the future.  As in most of my poems there is a view into the thoughts and dreams of an individual. Often, there is a feeling that more than one person is speaking in the poem.


_Primavera: When Spring Break is Over_

I wrote this poem from journal entries and memories from my first trip to Puerto Rico.
My colleagues and I developed a spring semester course, Puerto Rico Culture,” where we traveled with our students for 10 days each year in Puerto Rico. In this poem, I write of our experiences collectively and individually. This poem embraces imagery and people on vacation in Puerto Rico.

_Full Circle_

I began writing a series of “found poems”  during the past couple of years.” I call this series,

_Thinking of You

Each  poem was  created from actual correspondence I received via e-mail messages or snail mail correspondence
Often the poem includes parts of the 2-way communication we share via the mail.


Relationships are golden and each of

 Arthur Rosch, Elizabeth Merry, D Avery, Robbie Cheadle, Harmony Kent, Lauren Scott, Jules Paige

Leon Stevens, Colleen M. Chesebro, Miriam Hurdle,

M J Mallon, and Lynda McKinney Lambert 

pay poetic tribute to their most intense

personal moments.

That’s right folks. Now you can get this wonderful collection of poetic gems by Robbie and her 2021 “Treasuring Poetry” guests all in one place. We’ll be doing a book blog tour April 25 – May 1 so you can learn more about the amazing treasures contained within, but you don’t have to wait.

Just click on the Books2Read Universal Book Link (ULB) to find your copy at your favorite book distributor now!: https://books2read.com/u/3kP8aK


_Writing to be Read, Treasuring Poetry, Review and Interview

Photo courtesy of American Printing House for the Blind.
“Evening Vespers,” a talisman by Lynda McKinney Lambert.
Bead weaving, mixed-media fiber art on display at InSights 21, Art Exhibition.

When I am writing, I am conscious of being a weaver as I move my words, sentences, and punctuation around the page.    When I am making art, I am conscious of how everything fits together as I plunge my thin, sharp needle through tiny faceted beads, Czech and Swarovski crystals, circle around gemstones and capturing found objects. My needle is my paintbrush, forming the shapes and values that take me on a journey.

When I begin to write or make art, I prepare for a journey.  I carefully lay out all of the things I will need for my travels. I expect to reach a destination at the time when I begin to write.  – Excerpt from the interview by Robbie Cheadle.

October 17, 2021.  Read it  Read it NOW!


__Interview with Louise Carroll,

Ellwood City Ledger. Ellwood City, PA Read it Here!

Creative vision: Blind area artist earns another award by Louise Carroll, reporter.

Special to The Ledger – October 5, 2021

Photo: Lynda receives an award for First Place from APH Dr. Craig Medor, President of APH                                                  Read more about APH Here
This photo Courtesy of American Printing House for the Blind.

__Congratulations to Lynda McKinney Lambert.

Nov 5, 2021.  One of Vision Aware’s peer advisors, Lynda McKinney Lambert, has been juried into the APH Insights Awards seven times, winning an award each year.


Lynda doesn’t let vision loss hinder her creativity. She has taught classes in writing and art in Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic and Germany. Lynda began a blog in 2009, “Walking by Inner Vision,” to share her uplifting poetry and short stories. She has contributed encouraging articles on VisionAware, and for the past five years, Lynda’s fiber-work pieces have won several awards in the InSights exhibition sponsored by APH. In this interview, Lynda expands on her mission statement which is to find euphoria through art and writing as we celebrate “Inspire Your Heart with Art” Day. – Maribel Steel


__Inspire Your Heart with Art

 Interview by Maribel Steel  Here


_Live Interview with Annie Chiappetta, host at  Art Parlor, ..  Listen Now.


This  link will bring visitors to the episode page where they can read a short description and play/download the episode.

Live Recording from August 2020

_Renaissance Woman: Lynda’s interview with Sally Cronin, Editor of Smorgasbord Literary Magazine.  18 July 2020.  Read it Here.


_Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing chats with author and artist Lynda McKinney Lambert 

Interview by Patty L. Fletcher   – Recorded 2020    Listen Now!

__Interview on Smashwords, Here.

Lynda answers the question, What is your writing process?

      Published  March 9, 2019     


_Lynda’s Travel Tips   –  Read it here!

©Photo and story, by Lynda McKinney Lambert.  October 5, 2016.  In this short essay, I discuss my own plan for packing light for a trip to APH, where I will attend the InSights Exhibition Artist’s Reception and Banquet.

Special Feature – Collection 

_A Collection of Featured Articles from Abbie Johnson Taylor’s Blog., My corner

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***Walking by Inner Vision Review  https://abbiescorner.wordpress.com/2019/05/30/thursday-book-feature-walking-by-inner-vision-2

Courtesy of  Abbie Johnson Taylor, Author



Tony Eames Interview with Lynda McKinney Lambert

Read it here.

This interview was published after Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems came out in 2019.  At this time,my third book, Star Signs: New and Selected Poems,was in the process of editing. Tony asked me a number of thoughtful questions and I think this interview is an excellent one.


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A Collection of Reviews and Poems (2019)

Read it Right Now – Right Here!