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April Newsletter – 2022 – Issue 3 — 3 Comments

  1. Hello Lynda and Lynda’s readers.
    Another fabulous newsletter.
    PS. Lynda’s work was also published in The Writer’s Grapevine Falling Into Spring March April Edition.
    Published works included,
    Plant Seeds and Watch the Harvest Grow
    Painting Is an Act of Belief.

    • Patty, thank you sooooo much for the reminder. Sometimes, my mind goes blank. I am adding this to my newsletter this morning – and apologize profusely for this omission of an important publication that I like so much. I am very proud to have my work published by you in The Writer’s Grapevine!

      • Good morning Lynda and Lynda’s readers, I hope this message finds you doing well.
        Lynda, no worries whatsoever. We’re all dealing with a lot, you’ve just had some major changes in your life and no one can remember everything all the time.
        I suffer from short term memory loss issues and forget things, some important all the time.
        Just yesterday, on the spur of the moment and giving no thought to what I needed to be doing for the day, I headed out on the bus with Blue and forgot all about a Zoom meeting I was to attend.
        Luckily I made it back only about fifteen minutes late but my point here is no worries.
        All is super well.
        The fact that you’re putting out this newsletter is an awesome thing and is a lot of work, which I as a magazine owner and editor understand.
        Take care, may Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

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