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Newsletter – Issue #1 – July 2021 — 4 Comments

  1. Abbie and Suzanne – thank you so much for leaving a comment for me. That encourages me and urges me forward in my own endeavors, too. I once had a vision of what my own retirement would be – I’d be reading the many books I had been collecting for years. I’d be very private and secluded, and just tending my gardens and reading everything I never had the time to read when I was teaching a rigorous schedule at the college. God had a much different vision of my retirement, for he knew that I’d never really retire. I gave away all the books that I would never be able to see to read. Retirement is a blessing nevertheless.

  2. Hi, Lynda, I enjoyed reading your newsletter. I tried a monthly newsletter on my blog a couple of years ago but didn’t get many responses. Of course, I didn’t have as many followers as I do now, and a publication every few months might work better. Now that DLD Books has my new novel, and it won’t be published till sometime this fall, I have time for something like this. Thank you for the inspiration.

  3. Lynda,

    You are an inspiration, and you’ve certainly had a busy year. Congratulations to you and Bob on your 60th wedding anniversary! That was a wonderful photo of you and Bob. I almost didn’t recognize Bob without his beard. You have gotten so much accomplished with your writing, mixed media, and house/yard improvements. As I’ve said before, you are truly a Renaissance woman. Thank you for sharing all your well deserved accolades.

    Wishing you all the best!

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