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The Week in Photos: January 17 – 23 — 4 Comments

  1. Francine, I am glad you enjoyed a visit to my studio in the photographs on the blog. I never thought of doing this before – but I am glad I got the idea and started posting this photo essay.
    Today, I am working on the photos for the third “This Week in Photos” article. I’ll be sharing a few of the 3-D objects in the studio – items I purchased from other artists, some were gifted to me, and some are things I collected over the years. I will also share some of my own 3-D pieces such as felted bowl, sculptures from “found objects,” and some of my hand-thrown pottery. This has been an enjoyable new project for 2021 – to share the inner life of the studio which typically a visitor never gets to see. Nearly all of my work goes out to exhibitions and that is where it is seen – so this is different.

    Yes, I always work on a “body of work” in painting. Since my work was always created for gallery exhibitions, it has to all hang together and be cohesive. As you mature as a painter, you begin to understand the value of working this way – while you are working on one, you will get insight into something and you will move on to another one and put that information you just received into that next piece. It is amazing how it works – you are literally dancing with your paintings, all in process. And, the most amazing thing is that if you stay true to the dance, and keep them all active at the same time – they will all come to a conclusion at the same time – all of your work will be completed like a final finale in music. I always worked on many pieces at a time – I would have them lined up around the room, and move from one to another and back and forth – such a very exciting way to paint. It will bring new life and energy to all of your work. Students learn to do this as undergraduates working on a BFA degree in painting.

  2. Dear Lynda, How nice to be invited into your home with photos, art and environment!
    I am painting 3 paintings at the same time. Normally, I paint one at a time to completion. Occasionally, I paint a diptych (2) at the same time, but never 3!

    However one is much further along than the other 2, so now I am going to get all 3 moving!

    Viewing your home and studio I can sense your warmth, your commitment, and joy in the making of art and showiong it afterward. Thank you so much for opening up your heart to us! As we know, making art can be a mystical process and one that connects us to the eternal within each of us. Love you and your work. love, Francine

  3. Suzanne, how nice of you to visit the studio today and comment on the art works. Just about all of the paintings in this room were done before grad school, and some done before I ever entered the university.
    I love to be surrounded with the work of my own past and that of friends who created some of them, too.
    This is a peaceful place where I work without interruptions.

  4. Lynda,
    Thank you for this tour. Your studio is so welcoming, especially with your turquoise walls. I was delighted to see some of your artwork, especially the different styles of painting. You truly are a Renaissance woman. Can’t wait to see some of your 3-D work next week.

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