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The Evergreen Journal #13 Consider the Flowers — 3 Comments

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  2. I know its difficult for you to be away from Bob so much, I also know he seems to be content. What a difficult decision to make for a loved one. Just know you are looking after his well being as you have all these years together. Sometimes love hurts, but doing the right thing for him should help ease that hurt.

    • Yes, it is such a strange situation to see a loved one fading and changing as the months move by. I know it takes time and patience the begin to comprehend all of the challenges of such life-changing experiences. Hospice has helped me understand much more about this disease – to even realize it is a disease and nothing that could have prevented it. I experienced this with my mother and my aunt in the past. But nothing can prepare us for what we are walking through, except our faith in God and in His purposes for our life. Thanks so much for your comment! I appreciate it very much.

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