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Vote Now – Book Cover of the Month — 8 Comments

    • Thank you so much! I appreciate this – It’s pretty nice that my book cover is getting along well and it’s because of so many kind people like you! Well, I’ll know in the morning if it made it to the next round – they will mover the top 100. I was thinking this could be something you could do with your gorgeous coloring book cover! There are some nice perks available when you do the contest for they give you a number of nice mock-ups you can use in the future in marketing your book. <3

    • How nice of you to visit and for your comment. Bobby is doing well – lives in Silver Spring, MD with his wife.
      He is a high school guidance counselor, and she is a physician. They have 1 daughter. I hope you are well and thanks for coming to visit! Come again soon. <3

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