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  1. Thank you!

    Your writing gives me a glimpse of what I’ve learned from Our Father….on earth as it is in heaven!

    Keep sharing your gold dust Lynda!


  2. Welcome back to the TToT. It is a most excellent bloghop.

    I was totally taken with Grat #1 As I will say (at the slightest provocation), dogs are perfect lifeforms.
    I smiled at “I tell them how much I love them

    (Here there are three of us, my wife and our dog, Una. It’s not uncommon in our household to hear, “No, I was talking to Una”)

    have a good week.

  3. Spending a year on the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans sounds like quite an undertaking, i am sure it will be worth it.

    My prayer is that Hospice turns out to be a blessing to you both.

  4. It is good to see you linking up to the TToT blog hop.
    That your husband and you will now be able to receive the help that hospice provides will be good for both of you. That is a long journey the two of you have be on. Dementia in all its many forms is so hard. No doubt you are the strong woman others say you are, but you need some respite too, and Hospice will help.
    I love watching the clouds move across the sky, so the video you shared was just what I needed to see.
    Love that title – Nothing Divine Dies!

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