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The Evergreen Journal #42 ~ A November Christmas Project — 6 Comments

  1. Lynda,

    You spoke bright light into what you perceived as chaos. Thank you for your tender spirit that invites the world into the studio of your mind.

    Keep writing these evergreen branches of life,
    Christina M. Eder
    Oak Ridge, TN

    • thank you so much for your inspiriting responses to my post. I really appreciate that so much. I am going to keep writing these short memoir pieces for at least the next year. My goal is to have 50 by the end of this year, and to write another 50 next year – Lord willing!
      Rest in His peace and love tonight. I am thinking of you. Lynda

  2. When starting a project too big to think about, I’m inclined to go to the first corner in front of me, Just start I say. And away I go . I keep “little by little” in mind, till I’m finished. This was my basement , that got out of order after a remoldeling job.

    • I think we have a common ancestor Loreli Gavroy. Disorder just has to be put into order. I cannot stand it and I just can’t walk away from it. So, I come back with a mission to accomplish. Thanks for reading my article and for your wonderful comment. And, I always have to talk myself through it in the process.


    • Yes, all are welcome to come visit my studio.I still have a bit of clutter in the middle – my studio, that is. I will have to wait until I get a warmer day to go up there to work on cleaning off the large working table and storage space beneath the table – and then, there are the little stacks of paintings to deal with – and then….whatever! It’s all good.

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