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The Evergreen Journal #20 ~ Moonflowers & Childhood Stories — 2 Comments

  1. Such a tranquil peace zone!

    What was your favorite childhood book? What did you love about the way your Mom read?

    Thanks for allowing us to step into your inner sanctuary!


    • Hi Christina,
      How nice of you to visit and ask questions.
      The book from my childhood reading that comes to my mind immediately is _Under the Lilacs_Louisa May Alcott. I’d like to read that book again just to refresh it and distill it in my mind after a life-time of reading books since then. I think that my clearest memory about Mom reading is that she was so patient. Each of the four children piced a different book – those Golden Books – and she would read whatever books we chose. We each could pick one book for that might time reading session.
      Do you have a favorite book from y our childhood?
      Did you have any sort of reading ritual during childhood that you recall?

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