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Saturday Sunshine ~ The Writer’s Grapevine Magazine — 3 Comments

  1. Good morning, Lynda and all her Readers.
    First, thanks to Lynda for such a lovely review.
    Next, thanks to all who have read.
    Be sure to get in touch if you’d like a copy sent via email or visit my blog to see the magazine there in the Rambles section.
    Thanks and have a superb Saturday.

    • Patty I hope some readers will be in touch with you. I am sure that some of my readers could even submit their own writings to the magazine.

      • Hi Lynda and all.
        Yes, absolutely your followers are welcome to get in touch to submit.
        The Fall/Winter edition will go out during the holidays and the submission period ends on November 10.
        So, I hope everyone will submit because we’re looking for new writerly voices.

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