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From the Professor’s Journal – If We Live Long Enough (poem) — 2 Comments

  1. lynda,

    Thank you for this early Thanksgiving present for our world.

    Your writing is more delicious than pumpkin pie and whip cream (my faves! )

    This is my favorite part of your treasure:

    Not to be forgotten, or
    overtaken by fears, We were
    planted by the Holy Spirit, long ago.
    Quietly, sealed in Jesus, before created time. I
    rub my eyes in wonder

    With support and gratitude, Christina

    • Due to access difficulties, I was just now able to read your kind comment. Thanks so much. I do view my writing as my gift to the world. We all share whatever we have with others. I share my poetry and non-fiction essays. Today is December 1 – and I hope the rain will subside in the afternoon so I can plant the boxes of spring bulbs that arrived from Holland this week.
      Be well and share what God has given you to share with the world. Love, Lynda

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