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  1. I love this gratitude list! Particularly #9 is so true – yes, we need to be grateful even for our challenges, because they help us realize that we cannot and should not do life by ourselves. Your cat sounds so endearing too.

    • Thank you for your comment, Astrid. I appreciate it very much. As I sit here this morning, the sun is shining in western PA and the temperature is about 10 degrees – and the birds are singing. Whattta day!

  2. It is wonderful that your daughter, sister-in-law, and the hospice workers can be there for both you and your husband during this time. Have you every heard about harp therapy? I first learned about it when my Mom was on hospice. I loved reading your Evergreen Journal #6 and reading about that important point in your life.
    #9 ❤️

    • Hi, and thanks for your note. I was happy to read it this morning.
      I do not know of harp therapy. He loves music and is happy when there is a music program on TV and he loves to sit and watch and sing along at times.

      My husband is very active most of the time – lots of busy-work going on during those times. He was agitated but the doctor has put him on an anti-anxiety med. and that helped a lot. He is much more pleasant now and does not get so upset. It’s hard to know just what to do sometimes – and the hospice folks help so much. It made a big difference in him and he now looks forward to their visits – they are here in the mornings, 4 days a week. Every day is a new adventure.

    • Thanks, Lisa.
      Next birthday is on Feb. 23 – our daughter, Salome’ will have her 59th birthday celebration. Our family decided last fall to celebrate each month -with a family dinner at a local restaurant. That way, we get together once a month and each family member gets recognition of their birthday. So far, we have done this twice now – and her’s will be our third time to do it.

    • Thanks for your comment – that is the beauty of doing this TTOT list every week -to keep our minds on what we have to be thankful for and appreciate. I always love reading your posts, too.

  3. Your heart of gratitude speaks volumes!

    I appreciate the assorted display of appreciation. You invited me to a sense of euphoria with your list.

    Thank you, Lynda!

    From one of your fans in Oak Ridge, TN

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