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The Evergreen Journal #35 – Rilke is my Friend — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Patty,
    Thanks for leaving your great comment. Those are options that are valuable. Still,no replacement for the satisfaction of a real book in the hands. The touch of the cover, see the imagery and embossing of it, the color of it and the smell of it. I remember visiting my Aunt Jeanne in her last years as she was 92 and in assisted living. When I arrived she was seated in a chair in the beautiful reading area where she lived. She was holding an open copy of Guideposts magazine. She told me, “I can’t see to read it any more, so I just sit here with it and enjoy the presence of it.” That is what nothing else can give us – the presence of the physical book. It is a living presence in the hands. This can never be captured by electronic devices. The living-ness of the natural physical materials are absent. At thee same time, I am grateful for the technnology and options to read everything. My art and writing would not exist without them But, still…just the touch of pure clean hefty
    paper to on my fingertips as I turn the page is heaven.

  2. Hi Lynda, I too used to have this problem from reading audio books.
    Then I discovered the free Kindle plug in from Amazon.
    Now, because I downloaded this to my computer I can get a book from Amazon in eBook form and have it right there in front of me thus making it possible to arrow through letters, words, sentences, Etc.
    Lots of times, I find books on Smashwords or Book Share as well which can be downloaded in word, PDF Etc. which makes the book easily to flip through.
    Though I understand your feelings from having sight and desiring the book in your hands there are options which will always allow you to have the print text available.
    Happy reading and have a great day.

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