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Friday Fanfare & Ballyhoo – Smashwords — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for your interest in reading the book, Abbie.
    It just came out the end of April – finally. I started working on it seriously over a year ago – but had wanted to do it for many years. I hope you enjoy it.

    • Oh, I thought it came out much earlier. Well, that’s what I get for writing a novel with a character who has dementia. Thanks for enlightening me.

  2. Goodness! I hope that wasn’t your first sale. I must confess I’m the guilty party who purchased your book from SMASHWORDS a few days ago. I’d been meaning to get it for months, since it came out, but you know what happens when a person makes mental notes. When I saw information about it on Patty’s Worlds, I decided to purchase it while I was thinking about it. I’m looking forward to reading and reviewing it on my own blog.

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