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Knit a One Row Scarf — 4 Comments

  1. Perfect timing, Lynda! But, pray tell, who makes this gorgeous orange yarn? I am always looking for orange yarn; I’ve worn out my old hunting vest and think hand-made would be a better idea. No, I don’t hunt, but I feel more comfortable out here in the mountains with something orange.

    I have developed several of these one-row patterns, but they incorporate a threw-the-back-loop stitch, so are just a hair more complicated than yours. I’m going to start one of yours this weekend during the snow storm we’re expecting. Hoping we don’t lose power, since we intend to watch the next round of the NFL play-offs, especially the Eagles at the Saints.

    • Donna, thanks for the response.
      I have a hard time doing anything complicated with knitting patterns.
      I like to keep it simple but I also like a fabric that is interesting and this one works really well for me.
      As for the yarn, I bought it a few years ago at the Sewickley Yarn store – in the clearance area. It is a soft blend of wool and cashmere as I recall, but I don’t have the tag that was on the yarn. I think Merino and Cashmere. Possible some silk in it, too. Nice to touch. Today, I wore a Japanese Kimono that I knit out of Moonlight Mohair. Got many compliments on it. I focus on making wearable art.

  2. Thanks for leaving a nice comment, Joan.
    I love knitting. Since sight loss, it has been a growing process to do it again.
    I like beautiful fabrics and I like making unique one-of-a-kind wearable art pieces.
    This pattern is really easy but looks like it was woven on a loom like a tapestry.
    It would be a gorgeous pattern for a sweater or shawl, too.
    I do not do Braille so my fingers don’t need protection. That is a smart way to go with it.

  3. Thanks, Linda, I’ll be sure to try this pattern! I, too, appreciate a simple pattern…and a thimble on my right forefinger since working the yarn usually gives me a callace on my Braille reading finger.

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