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The Evergreen Journal, #1 — 9 Comments

  1. Thank you for this fresh foundation!

    I love the GENTLE approach that invites energy.

    GENTLE is my 2022 word…to be kind, less vocal (unless I need to be), accept, expect life to produce what is meant to produce.

    Respect the process, lean in, embrace, come alive gently.

    Believing in a year filled with EVERGREEN. Thank you for writing color into a sometimes-lackluster world,

    Christina Eder, author, speaker, life coach

    • Hi Christina
      Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring comments on this post and on the remarkable energy that One Word can give during an entire year. I hope to speak with you soon – a phone date to share ideas and gentle energy. <3

  2. I felt serene and calmness seemed to settle over me, as I read about your word ~ Evergreen. I think it was a great choice for a new year. Shedding and growing. Love it.

    • Carolyn, thank you so much for your feedback on this article and poem.
      I am looking forward to this year of writing and so excited to present a new series, The Evergreen Journal. I am thrilled at the possibilities of learning more about growing deep roots and living a life of faith in Jesus this year. I think this will be a series of growing and learning – shedding the things that hold us back and moving upwards towards the things that give us hope and strengthen us in our daily walk. Please visit again and I love hearing what you think! <3

  3. Thanks, Patty. Yes, focus is a great word for you for 2022.
    I am really narrowing my focus, too. Making a bullseye target with my word, Evergreen. The word did not come to me until late afternoon on January 1. I waited and wondered if I would receive a word at all. Finally, it was there in a magnificent way. I knew this was going to be a deep walk with the Lord this year – and that he will have so much to teach me.

    My resolve is to ask the Holy Spirit for everything and to do nothing without his guidance in 2002. I was so inspired this week by Janet Porter’s conversation with Andrew Wolmac’s program – her prayer each morning is “Jesus, I want everything you died to give me today. I want it all!”


    • Hi Lynda, I’ve just this day written a post about stepping out onto faith and allowing God to work in our lives.
      I find lately i’m becoming quite frustrated with people who go on about how things are so problematic for them and how they can do nothing about it.
      All we have to do is to get ourselves in alignment with the Holy Spirit and things will fall into place with an audible click.
      I’m so glad I learned this and hope I live for the next 50 years so I can enjoy this new and wonderous life I have found.
      It was all just waiting for me to realize the power of our good Creator.
      Love and Light to you.

      • No coincidences. We are not here by chance or randomness. God has a miraculous plan for each of us. Ever individual has a unique and one-of-a-kind original plan for our life when we arrive here on this earth. The longer I live, the more I see of this plan being revealed. Hard times and challenges never last, but the love of God is forever. He will always keep us in all circumstances of life. I think it is amazing how you and I have such similar thoughts at the same time.

        • Hi again, yes, you and I do have a lot of the same thought processes.
          I also am finding a few others with whom I seem to be on very similar wave links with and this too is no conincidence.

  4. WOW! Lynda, this is a great post. And I love your idea of shedding and growing.
    Fabulous post.
    My word for 2022 is focus.
    I’m narrowing my focus onto those things which I wish to accomplish this year and removing my focus away from those things which no longer serve me.
    I’m glad you’re recovering.
    Blessid be.

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