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National Poetry Month – Day 11 – Kay in the Kitchen — 2 Comments

  1. Yummy soul food from your literary kitchen!

    My favorite line is: Kay is a record-keeper of kites in the wind.

    Love what you’ve generously shared this month.

    Christina, Clinton, TN

    • Thank you for your comment, Christina.
      I enjoyed writing almost one poem a day during National Poetry Month.
      It kept my focus on getting the work done for the entire month. Now, I am sending out some of these works to publishers. One new poem was just accepted for the Summer edition of_ The Avocet_ A Journal of Nature Poetry. It’s always a “happy Dance-Sort of Day” when one of my writings finds a literary home. Thanks for telling me a line that caught your attention – that helps me know how a reader interprets the poem. Awesome!

Lynda McKinney Lambert - American Author
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