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  1. Thank you so much Abbie and The Late Phoenix for your responses to my post.
    Suze Orman is my hero – I have her wonderful management system that comes in a silver box – and have told all my family members ‘If you ever need to get to any paperwork for me, this is where you get it.” She has taught me so much and it really makes sense to follow her advice.

    Oh, the BEATS? I had a remarkable high school English teacher who sponsored the English and the Philosophy clubs. I was in high school – in this small rural community, and I think there were, maybe, 4 of us students who knew about the BEATS – it was the beginning of a life of poetry and adventure – I also am deeply influenced by the Germanic writers and artists…have visited Trakl’s home in Salzburg at least a dozen times when I was there working in the summers – and Kafka? Leaves me breathless.

    Thanks for the fun responses, Abbie and Phoenix. I am enjoying this TMI Tuesday group very much – and love reading the variety of responses.

  2. nice bonus answer! Suze Orman taught me everything I know about money. oh I love the Beat poets! they were the godparents of underground art! I am especially enamored of Kerouac’s style, I loved his cast of thousands in his stories, one character the named changed for every person he met. there’s a bit of Jack in my writing. HTMIT, my friend, have a good week

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