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Lazy Summer Days of August — 4 Comments

  1. This makes me feel as though I am walking in the woods with you. I love to read your stories Lynda. Love you my friend.

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  3. I enjoyed your blog…growing up in Western Pa, it brought back vivid memories for me. I live in Southern Ca now, and grow Queen Anne’s lace in my yard— started from seeds harvested on a trip home one year. Some people think of it as a weed. I never did ! The area where I live now is warm during the day and ALWAYS drops into the 50’s at night. Every once and awhile, we’ll have an unusual spell of humid weather…which keeps the night air at about 69°. I enjoy those nights because it reminds me of Pennsylvania summers.

    • Thanks for your comments Roberta! I lived in the South Bay area for a short time in the early 90s and loved the late afternoon breeze and cool air we got from the bay. Queen Ann Lace has a “poisonous lookalike” that is called the “deadly Hemlock.” While the QAL has the lovely green stems, the Hemlock has purple in it’s stems. Otherwise, it looks exactly like the QAL. the Hemlock is poisonous in every part of the plant.

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