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Ida Matilda’s Cream Pitcher — 2 Comments

  1. I know what you mean, Donna. From each of my ancestors that I grew up with, I have a small item that puts me in touch with those memories. They are small items that nobody else would find valuable, most likely. But for me, they are the entrance into memories and recollections of my times with each of them. A little creamer, a tiny metal sugar scoop, a vase, a powder compact, a traveling alarm clock in it’s leather case, a hand-crafted, round, oak cutting board. I’ve found that these objects are better than photographs, now that I am a great-grandmother who is blind.

  2. Lynda, First of all, you’re making me hungry. Your poem brought back memories of my own grandmother. It’s interesting how differently I see her now that I’m getting older. Blessings.

Lynda McKinney Lambert - American Author
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