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  1. Lynda, I’m like you. When I take walks, I make mental notes of things I see, hear and smell that would be good in a poem. If I won’t have time to sit down and write the poem after I get home, I stop and dictate notes on my iPhone for later reference, making sure on one is within earshot of course. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem and your insight into how it was created.

    • Abbie, I really enjoyed hearing about how you also create your poems from nature. I don’t use a cell phone, but I have a MILESTONE digital recorder which I learned to use 15 years ago when I was in rehab at Blind and Vision Rehabilitation Services in Pittsburgh. Of all the people there, I was the onlyh one who selected this little device. I absolutely love using it, and it has 5 file folders that I can use for various things. Somethimes it may be months before I can get to write something, but the notes remain there waiting for me when I can sit down and begin to write the poem. Thanks!

    • My Friend. Thank you so much. I try to present the thoughts in the poem, as brushstrokes on a canvas – weaving them into a tapestry of memories, experiences, thoughts, and dreams. I appreciate The Weekly Avocet, and _The Avocet_ Journals of nature poetry – and the Portolano family for the hard work they do to promote nature, and poetry that honors nature.

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