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A Song of Austria — 3 Comments

  1. Lynda, I love this…I feel the Austrian air and can sense with my entire being the depth of her history and cultural riches. Thanks so much for takin us on this journey! Blessings to you *willows in mist*

    • Joan, I am glad you enjoyed my poem. Thank you for your kind comment. This poem was written from my journal entries, made as I traveled in Austria – our travel journals can be a gold mine for us as we look over our jottings later on when we are back at home again. Thanks!

    • Joan, first I must say that I did not know the comments were here to be found by me. I just found this one today – so I want to respond to let you know I finally found it and say, “thank you” for your insight here. I love to write about Austria, her culture, her people, her history, and my personal love and experiences during my summers of living in the Austrian Alps and teaching courses there for Drawing and Writing in Salzburg. I am glad you felt the sensations that stimulated me to write this poem – thank you for sharing this with me. Blessings to you in all you do in your own writing life. I am always inspired by the beauty of your work.

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