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The Gloss Poem and Jacqueline Williams — 4 Comments

  1. Thank you Donna for your reflections on the poem form and the poems. I also love how she honored her mother’s work by suing her words in this way. I love to learn new things from my fellow writers. I am so thankful Jackie shared her work with us all.

  2. I’d never heard of this form before and enjoy these examples very much. The one on the termites, based on Nash’s poem, with Jackie’s inclusion of thoughts on treated wood is a riot. I am also struck by what a wonderful method for honoring her mother the form is. To take your mother’s work and expand upon it, well that’s awesome. Thanks for sharing.

    • I found references to Donnafred Hoff on this page. I have a painting of hers from the 1950s. I see this Donnafred was living in Arizona. Did she once live in Western New York? If so, I have an abstract painting of hers and would be glad to give it to a relative or admirer. Thanks.