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TMI Tuesday – Stilettos – Mozart – Memorials — 2 Comments

  1. Phoenix, in the photo I used in the blog, my granddaughter wore these shoes to the Andy Warhol Museum. Within an hour her feet were blistered and on fire. We had to go to the gift shop and find something she could put on – fortunately they had some flip-flops there and she could change out of those shoes. Her mother, as a teenager, did this same thing on a trip to NYC – she showed up in pink stilettos and no other shoes with her for the weekend-trip – again, we had to do shoe shopping.

    I agree – to travel for the sake of traveling is silly – but to travel with intention of learning and participating in something is wonderful. Students in our program in Salzburg, studied at the Mozarteum with the director of that institute – my art students studied in the museums and galleries as well as having a studio space to work in every morning in the village. We attended live performances all over Europe every summer.

    Have a great day!

  2. that reminds me of a time in college when we just got off a day-long bus trip to a field restaurant and my friend couldn’t wait to take off her heels and throw them clear across the room as she glared at me rubbing her toes and said, “oh, the things we do for you men.”

    oh that sounds wonderful! some travel for food, but to travel for music is divine!

    HTMIT, my friend, have a good week 🙂