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Active Voices of Writers with Disabilities — 4 Comments

  1. Sounds like a very interesting magazine, Lynda. Your review is excellent and intriguing. Thank you for sharing. It’s exciting to learn that there are outlets for writers with disabilities to develop a platform for their abilities in that way. The French Silk Pie does sound enticing, but for me it sounds like too much sugar. I have cut back drastically on sugar over the past years so that anything with more than a tad of sweetness just doesn’t suit my taste buds any more. But I’ll bet there are many people out there who will try it. I love chocolate, but the dark organic chocolate with very little sugar added. And when I drink hot cocoa, I add very little coconut sugar. God bless you Lynda as you continue to pursue your writing and artistic abilities.

    • Hi Dianne,
      Yes, this is a very good magazine and open to anyone with a disability of any kind. Most writers have vision loss, but there are many others who have different challenges to meet in order to break through barriers. I enjoyed doing this review of the magazine – I listened to the magazine via voice recording produced by the Perkins School for the Blind Library. What an excellent group of readers – they really bring the stories and poems to life in a way that is exciting to me. I read the magazine through several times and then I wanted to discuss one work from each section in the magazine that left an impression on me – things that lingered on in my imagination well after I finished reading them. I’d like to do this again in the future because it really was worthwhile to me personally, and a way of giving honor to the poets and writers I chose for this review. Thanks so much for your comments – really appreciated.

  2. Lynda, I’m so glad you enjoyed my story, “French Silk Pie.” I definitely recommend eating a piece this fall while reading the fall/winter issue of Magnets and Ladders. Thank you for sharing.

    • This pie sounds like something I’d love to try.
      I never heard of it before – the name of it is enticing.
      Thanks for sharing your story – and I look forward to reading lots more of your stories in the upcoming issues of Magnets & Ladders, too.

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