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Brains – Yosemite National Park – GAS — 3 Comments

  1. Thank you Late Phoenix and Abbie for the comments.
    Late Phoenix, for #3, it was a professor that made the mistake of trying to block my descent down the stairway – when I was working on my MFA. He moved aside real quick when the fire in my eyes scorched his face. He never had a conversation with me again – lol

    The poem is one I wrote a long time ago – It is in the “August” section of my book, _Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems.” (DLD Books 2017)

  2. my dad took gingko biloba to boost his already-extraordinary brain, four pills a day. I had one more year of college left, always wondered if I had stuck it out in the drama program if I’d be in Hollywood today. haha, love your answer to #3! great poem, very rhythmic

    HTMIT, my friend 🙂

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