Be Best — 3 Comments

  1. Thanks for the comments Barbara and Suzanne. You are both such prolific and focused authors and I appreciate your comments and professional observations. You both motivate me! I find that if I organize and plan my year out, things go so much better for me. That does not mean it is written in stone, but it is a road map to a destination that I would like to arrive at during the year ahead. One thing I started doing 7 years ago is to select ONE WORD and that word guides me for the entire year. There is a good reas on that as an arts management professional, I made a 5-year plan for the institute – and then, broke that 5-year plan into a one year plan – and the one year plant, into a one-month plan. This way, I have a grande vision of where I am going in 5 years – and how the steps I have outlined will get me there. It works!

  2. I am so admiring of those who can hold their lives together with clear-thinking. As I have grown older the clarity of youth has deserted me but it is a very enviable quality which results in a high output plus a lessening of stress.

  3. Lynda offers her wisdom and optimism. I,too, am reflecting on personal and professional changes for 2021. I’m hopeful for a much better year and an opportunity to demonstrate my resilience.