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Post 173 – March 20, 2018


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Q. What is your earliest memory?


I am very small, less than 2 years old. Laying in my warm crib in the darkness.

Every night, I watch the same ritual. I watch as my mother and my Aunt Jeanne come into the room. Aunt Jean carries a flash light. I see them only in the shadows of darkness by the light that shines from that small light in my aunt’s hand.  The 2 women go over to their bed and they shine the light beneath the bod, searching for something. Every night, I see this same activity. I wonder what it is they are searching for. But, I do not have speech yet, and cannot ask.


About fifty years later, I am talking with my mother and this memory form my infant’s view of this activity comes to my mind again. I ask her, “What were you and Aunt Jeanne looking for every night when you came into the bedroom in the dark, with a flashlight?”  My mother is shocked at this question. She replies, “Oh, my goodness! How do you remember this? You were only a baby.” I tell her I keep remembering it all the time, and I just could not put it into words. I remember that I was so small and I could not yet speak words when this took place.”

My Mother went on to explain, “Your father and Uncle Harry were away, fighting in World War II. Aunt Jeanne and I lived together and took care of you. Every night, after you were in bed, we came into the room and we knelt   down beside the bed. We laid the flash light on the floor. And, we prayed together for the safe return of our husbands!”

I know I was not yet 2 years old, because my father came home after I was 2. So my first memory is of my Mother and Aunt Jeanne praying.

Q. Which way does the toilet paper roll go? Over or under?

In my view, there is only ONE WAY that the toilet paper can go – OVER! It must be OVER the top of the roll so that it is easy to access quickly when needed.


Q. What makes you feel grounded?

I am grounded in all of the variety of my life’s pursuits when I am in balance. Humans are a 3-part creation – Body, Mind, Spirit. When I remember to pay attention to all 3 parts of my being, I am much more balanced and my days are more positive than the days when I forget my purpose in life. My sole purpose in life is to honor my creator and spend time in his presence. My relationship with Jesus is foremost in my life. In Genesis 1, I find my purpose, to be an “image bearer” for my Creator.  When I forget this,  I am left to my own devices and that is not such a good thing! Genesis 1 shows our relationship to God – we were created in his IMAGE. That means, we all are his IMAGE BEARERS. When we forget this – we are unbalanced.




What did you appreciate or what made you smile this past week?  Feel free to use a quote, a photo, a story, or even a combination.

Communications from others who have read my books, blogs, or numerous publications who tell me how the article or poem connected to them personally is a joy to me.

Last week, I had an E-mail I from Tara who wrote to me in response to an article I published on my blog, “Walking by Inner Vision.”  The blog article is “The Best Advice Anyone Ever Gave You. What was it?”  Tara’s comments were personal and she wrote about her own experiences and how that advice she received as a young girl in 8th grade changed her life. This reminds me how we can all encourage others and affirm each other if we take the time to just send a little note, or make a call to someone who had influenced us or given us something we needed at the time.


You can find the article that prompted Tara to write to me – here:



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