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  1. Hi Lynda, this is wonderful. I think it’s a great idea to include an audio so people can get a sense of that energy & spirit that shines through the voice. I’m thinking that I could read one of the kids’ poems from The Heart of Applebutter Hill. It’s just a dimension I hadn’t considered. Go figure, a songwriter who isn’t thinking audio. Anyway, thanks for sharing, you’ve given me a lot to think about. Hey, I could include a song too. Hugs ! 🙂

    • Yes! Donna, we are like iron, sharpening each other.
      I am a visual artist and think in terms of how a thing LOOKS.
      You as a song writer and performer, interprets everything with your VOICE.
      And, here we are – helping each other to move beyond our own boundaries.
      Thank you so much for the encouragement to continue to share my work through my VOICE as well as my visual interpretations of TEXT and IMAGE.
      Love you!

  2. A very comprehensive media kit. I have not put anything like this together all in one place. I am thinking I should do so. Other than this site, where do you publish it? Thanks for sharing.

    • thank you for the comment Dianne, and for the question.
      Sorry in the delay, I accidently misplaced my browser! lol…seriously, I did.
      But now, I am restored.

      Before I opened this note, I was updating my Media Kit for my upcoming chapbook that will be published in January by Finishing Line Press. My chapbook is “first snow,” a collection of 30 wintry tyemed poems.

      Yes! Write up a media kit that can highlight each of your books.
      Also write one that will highlight your books and you – for general purposes.
      I was taught to do this by Tell-it-to-the-World Marketing – Patty L. Fletcher. She promotes my work on a continuous basis year-round.

      I use it when I send out information for interviews – an interviewer likes to have this information to get to know more about the atuhr and the book or the books, they are considering for their interviews.

      I send them when I am doing inquiries to a lot of different places.
      Since my books are on Audible and are being recorded right now by another voice recording studio – it gives them a good idea of the book – and I send them a physical print copy of my book, as well. This way they have my “product” in h and – and they have my Media Kit for that book in hand – and it helps them make decisions about presenting my book as an Audio book.

      I can tell you more – just ask. This should give you a bit of information though.

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