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The Evergreen Journal #11 – Visibility – March 25, 2022 — 8 Comments

  1. A fragile day with heft. Love the organic way you plant your words.

    Thanks for the fun visual of you in your purple boots and floral nightgown. Sounds like you add to the beauty of creation also!

    Keep harvesting your literary seeds. We need your gift!

    Oak Ridge, TN

    • Christina, my dear friend, you always add so much beauty to my life with your comments. You help me understand my own words with more clarity. I often wonder what the neighbors think as they witness me walking about with my two doggies every couple of hours. We walk in every sort of weather condition, and it can be any time of the night or day that we are “out there.” Yes, I like the notion of being out there! Thank you for the light you share and shed on everyone in your own world. I am glad you are a
      vibrant part of the glory of it all.

    • Hi Christina, Lynda and all.
      I agree with you Christina, I am certain Lynda adds to the beauty as well.
      When she writes, the reader joins her in whatever she’s experiencing.

    • Each day is a special glory. Each one holds the secrets of the love that created it. There is never a day that is like any other day we have known. Every moment of each day and night is a reflection of the love we are witnessing and the GLORY to come. Thanks for much for your comment, Patty.

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