Ten Things of Thankful

September 13 – 27  – ,  2021


This is my Fifth   TIME to WRITE  TTOT  –

Five is for GRACE.

Number 5 symbolizes God’s grace, goodness and favor toward His creations.

Number 5 is mentioned 318 times in the Holy Bible.

Five is the number of grace, and multiplied by itself, which is 25, is ‘grace upon grace’ (John 1:16).

The Ten Commandments contains two sets of 5 commandments.

Let’s GO!


I am thankful for the gift of GRACE today.   


The garbage pick up workers.  I’ve been clearing out our basement with weekly trash removal pick-ups – we have lived here for over 1/2 century, and we have a lot of unwanted stuff that has been removed from the basement and carried away by the weekly trash pick-ups.


My new VIBE mattress arrived and is now on my bed. Last night was my first night to sleep on it and WOW, what a difference. I did not wake up in pain this morning!



Inspiring programs on TV. I love to watch John Michael Talbot each Sunday afternoon with my husband.

I love a Biblical teacher who is a scholar, grounded in  the progression and history of faith.


God has a plan for our life. There is not a single moment in our life that He is not with us.


The poets who inspire my own life work in poetry.

___ American modernists, Walt Whitman, Robinson Jeffers.

___Europeans, Rainer Maria Rilke (German),  Georg Trakl (Austrian), John Donne (British),  Franz Kafka  (Czech)

___Japanese, Matsuo Bashō (松尾 芭蕉, 1644 – November 28, 1694),   He is the most famous poet of the Edo period in Japan.



My Aunt Jeanne who played classical music on the piano for me when I was a small child. She gave me the gift of music. I am named after her ( Lynda Jeanne).



Quilts that were made by my cousin Kay Wallace of Chillicothe, Ohio.  I have 3 of her precious hand made quilts.


Our veternarian who takes good care of my aging dogs.


Designers who create fabrics that are beautiful. My favorite is Kaffe Fasset.



The Dreaming Prayer.  read it here!


Why not make a list of your own  TEN THINGS OF THANKFUL this week?

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