Lynda McKinney Lambert’s writing projects are thoughtful personal  essays and spare poetry.  She retired from her position as Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities at Geneva College (Beaver Falls, PA) in October 2008. 

Lynda married Bob Lambert. The couple lives in the rural Village of Wurtemburg, in Western Pennsylvania. Bob, is a retired fitter and welder and is in remission from AML (Acute Myeloid Leukemia) since October, 2014.  Bob had a stem cell transplant that year.  Lynda has been his caregiver since that time. The couple have 5 grown children,  6 rescued cats and 2 rescued dogs.  They enjoy walking in the woods that surrounds there home on a ridge overlooking the Connoquenessing Creek. 

Lynda is a visual artist who  creates talismans and wall works using encrusted bead-working techniques.  She has enjoyed doing exhibitions of her art works since 1976 when she established her River Road Studio in The Village of Wurtemburg in Western Pennsylvania. She also likes to knit wearable art.

Lynda’s writings and artworks are  inspired by nature, personal experiences  and her faith in God. You can learn more about God’s creations by visiting Genesis 1  in the Holy Bible.


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