When your vision is NOT normal…

Please read over some of the symptoms I have listed so that you are aware of possible problems with your eye sight.

If you notice some of these things, do not assume that it is normal.
These are red flags, so pay attention. Go immediately to your eye specialist and report this situation. Prompt action can save your eyesight.

I am listing several possible indications of eye problems. If you have any, see you doctor:

1. Severe headaches especially in the eye area. Sometimes vision is blurred or you may even see an “aura” of colors and light before the headache even begins.
2. Blurred vision when reading a book or newspaper. You may think this is just stress, or that you are tired and need rest. But, maybe it is something more serious.
3. Trouble driving at night – lights bother you, and the road seems very black and glaring.
4. A noticable depth perception, especially when walking down steps
5. Floaters – black spots that seem to float across your vision. You may think that a bug is flying about your face.
6. Sensitivity to light, such as in sunlight, or in a building that has florescent lighting
7. Pain in the eyes for no apparent reason
8. Bloodshot eyes for no apparent reason
9. If your glasses do not seem to be working any more. If things are blurred even while wearing glasses you may just need a change in prescription, or, you may be experiencing a larger problem.

I found another good site that has information on sight loss. Please check it out, too.

For more information please visit this link.

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