Walking by Inner Vission: Introduction

artist, educator, author
Lynda McKinney Lambert

Walking by Inner Vision, my new blog will discuss issues of sight loss and blindness as I am experiencing them daily.  Life as an artist and author, changed for me in October 2007 when I lost my sight due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy.

I am a retired  Professor of Fine Arts and Humanities,  Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.  My life purpose is in teaching and sharing the gifts I posses. In this blog, we will  meet together and explore topics in Fine Arts, Humanities, Christian Faith, Blindness, and more. Thank you for joining in this journey with me today!

I began to learn how to walk using the inner vision that we all have. It has been an EXTRAORDINARY  journey over the past two years. I will write this blog to share my journey,  Walking by Inner Vision. This is my CELEBRATION of LIFE –


I am passionate about everything I loved  before sight loss. I’m crazy about visual art, poetry, literature,  philosophy, history, and music.

.Nothing is more delightful to me as traveling and meeting exciting new people whom I encounter.

Most of all, I find that I love hearing the stories of others who have had vision loss and learning how they do things and how they now see the world. I will share my vision through this blog.

I am always open to hearing from others. You may have sight loss, or you may have a friend of family member who has sight loss. Please write to me at my email address if you have questions, comments, or just want to chat with me. Let’s keep in touch.


I:f you would – PLEASE –  take a MOMENT  to send me a COMMENT after you read my post today. I look forward to meeting new friends .

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