Walking by Inner Vision Personal Journal

In 2015 I wrote 30 lessons for you!

 LEARN HOW to keep a personal journal.  

With each short “lesson” I have created a special “Writing Assignment” to go with it.


I’ll be giving you 20 more new lessons

and assignments throughout 2016.

Here is the complete list of  “Journal Assignments.”

You can go to each link and read the lesson and get the assignment along with a sample from me.


If you are taking this journal WALK with me, you may copy and print out this list for your future references. And, why not just past it into your own journal so you know where to find it later on!


Introduction: Walking by Inner Vision Journal: Lesson 1

Lesson #1: The Mountain: Lesson 1

Lesson #2: Embrace Change and Write! Lesson 2

Lesson #3: Paint a Landscape –Lesson 3

Lesson#4: Write a Love Letter: Lesson 4

Lesson #5: The Stuff of Life: Lesson 5

Lesson #6: Walking by Inner vision: Lesson 6

Lesson #7: Love or Fear? Lesson 7

Lesson #8: The Morning Hour: Lesson 8

Lesson #9: Haiku – Write a Japanese Poem: Lesson 9

Lesson #10: When my Daughter Cuts the Roses: Lesson 10

Lesson #11: The morning Walk: Lesson 11

Lesson #12: Tanka – Japanese Poem: Lesson 12

Lesson #13: Writing your Dream: Lesson 13

Lesson#14: For the Love of Small Gifts Lesson 14

Lesson #15: Pachysandra Gifts: Lesson 15

Lesson #16: The Zip Code Poem: Lesson 16

Lesson #17: The tossed Salad Poem: Lesson 17

Lesson #18: Commercials: Lesson 18

Lesson #19: The Acrostic Poem, and More! Lesson 19

Lesson #19 B: The Writers Who Influenced Us: Lesson 19 B

Lesson #20: the Acrostic Poem #2: Lesson 20

Lesson #21: Create a Poem from Your Journal Entries: Lesson 21

Lesson #21 Part B: Book of Remembrance at Lidice: Lesson 21 B

Lesson #22: The Photograph Poem: Lesson 22

Lesson #23: The Disappearing Poem: Lesson 23

Lesson#24: Song Lyrics: Lesson 24

Lesson #25: All About Stones: Abecedarian Poem: Lesson 25

Lesson #26: the Music of Venice: Lesson 26

Lesson #27: The Tanka – Part 2: Lesson 27

Lesson #28: Abecedarian Poem: Lesson 28

Lesson #29: Get Organized: Lesson 29

Lesson #30: How to Write YOUR Story: Lesson 30








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