The Music of Venice – Writing Assignment #26

The Music of Venice

All photos by Lynda McKinney lambert. Copyright 2015.


Walking by Inner Vision Journal

Writing Assignment #27


I always remember the special nuances of a place I have visited when I listen to the music that is created by the local musicians and composers.  I always shop for CDs of that particular music and bring it home so I can enjoy it.  When I listen my memories come alive and I remember specific little activities or places of that place.

One of my favorite places to visit is Venice, Italy. Every summer I visited Venice during the Redintore Festival in July. As soon as I arrived at my hotel, I purchased tickets to a Vivaldi concert.  Of course, I bought the CDs of those concert performances and listen to them often throughout the year.

Photo: Lunch at the Guggenheim Museum and Restaurant with my students.


Here is a link if you would like to take a little cyber visit to Venice today.  You can listen while you read my blog!

Vivaldi, the Four Seasons


Another activity I did in Venice was to walk through the city, then select a place where I could sit down and write in my journal.  Some times, I opened up my sketch book and did drawing of the people, buildings, boats, and I wrote notes in the sketchbook, too.

Later, when you are back home, you will love looking through your sketchbooks and reading your notes once again.   

I use my notes and sketches to bring back the details of a special day. I turn them into a poem.

Here is a poem I wrote from such an experience, very early one morning as I sat beside the Grand Canal enjoying the beauty of the new day.


Venezia, 7 a.m.

I hear deep bell sounds

From the Renaissance tower

morning announcements

Arrive in waves

embrace me low

surround me deep.

A duet begins

To shape this early light

mingled with lapping



waves in the lagoon.

Polished black boats are tied

to terra cotta stone piers

covered by slippery gray mists.

An undulating shrill voice


out of view

soars over

aqua cleansing waters.

Four Chinese women pause

form a circle

their heads lean back

mouths open wide as they laugh

at fat pigeons taking staccato strides.

The thin man in green cotton pants nods

as he sweeps away the debris

from the all-night celebration

his long flexible broom

scrapes away trash and fireworks

scattering them into the heavens.

The scratching of his broom

mingles with the chorus

of bells, birds, water,

women’s chatter

and the movement of my hand

as I write in this journal.

It is the morning after

Redintore Festival

once again

the Redeemer’s fireworks

have saved us from the plague.

It has now been 400 years

the sparks have kept us safe.

Bon Giorno!

Bon Giorno!

Published in “Concerti…Psalms for the Pilgrimage,” Kota Press, 2002.

Copyright 2002, 2015. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.

Writing Assignment #26

Walking by Inner Vision Journal

Create a short writing piece or a poem from your memories of a place you have visited.  You can use my example in this essay as a guide to developing your own memory writing.

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