Two of My Favorite Things


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~ TWO of my Favorite Things ~


Shelves of Books


I savor the books by authors who challenge or uplift my mind and leave a residue of wonder behind long after I read the final page. I close that book with regret that it has come to the end.
I treasure the books that have fully developed characters. The characters become living people who transcend the ordinary and mundane and leave an impression on the reader.


Books take me to places I have never been. They take me to places I will never be going in person. They take me into their world where I meet individuals who each have something to share with me personally. I see them, listen to them, and I have communication with them, if the book is well written by a sensitive and honest author.


I created a library room in my home.
 It’s devoted to books and reading.
My personal library is a place of solitude and peace.
In addition to the shelves filled with actual books, it is also where I read my audio books.  I am visually impaired and cannot read an actual book any longer.
For me, this is the perfect place to spend the hours of a winter day. It is warm and comforting and time stands still here in the library.



A personal hand written letter from a friend is a gift that arrives in the mailbox.
A letter has heft to it.  It just feels good in the hand as I pick it up. A hand written letter is a delight, and I am instantly in conversation with the person who has taken the time and patience to write the letter.
A letter lives on long after it has been read. It can be tucked away and kept for future readers to enjoy long after the person who initially received it as departed. A letter can be a measure of time and place and give insight into a world that has changed.  We can know of the lives of other people who lived long ago, through the letters they wrote and the letters that they received. Entire biographies can be pieced together through the reading of letters left behind by someone.
Through a letter we can share our thoughts and communicate with someone we care about in a way is unique and timeless.  Because I can WRITE an ACUTAL LETTER because I have a CCTV, I love to send off little surprise notes and cards to people I love.
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