Writers Who Influenced Us…Writing Assignment #19

Writer’s Who Inspire Us
 Consider what author  left a  lasting effect on your WRITING  life.
The question for me is:  
What writer inspired me?
I taught  a wide assortment of  humanities  courses throughout my teaching career;  it is difficult to choose.
I have to consider which writers brought me to recognize  the core values I have embraced for my entire lifetime.
What works  answered the questions of life and death?
Which ones gave me a world view that goes beyond current  trends and fashions?
How did I begin to understand the Zeitgeist of the times through the different authors and texts?
During my undergraduate studies, contemporary American poet Robert Bly deeply influenced me.
At the same time, I was exuberant when I read the  language of the 16th century poets and wrote papers on romance and death I viewed  through the poetry  of the  English author, John Donne.
If I look back into my high school days I find it was the “Beat” poets who occupied my literary  thoughts.
In my earliest recollections, I listen once again to  Joyce Kilmer’s poem “Trees” ~ All school children had to memorize this poem and recite it  before the class.  I probably complained, but that poem remains, planted deeply in my own mind.
“tree that may in Summer wear
A nest of robins in her hair…”

Oh, Yes, I can recognize the beginning of my life-long appreciation of nature.  (Read “Trees” as published in Poetry Magazine, august 1913  at this link:

What do they  all have in common?
Authors and books stay with us forever. In the final quarter of my life, they are still here, alive and thrilling. My memories abound with the people, places, and life lessons I discovered from all those writers and poets.
After quite a bit of contemplative musing over this question, I suddenly  knew for sure exactly which writer and works were the  center of my creative life.
My source is an ancient one – the Psalms of the Bible.  I would have heard them read in church from the time before I could speak. The various Psalms have been at the core of my life.
~ King David  ~
my earliest influence
I connected  poetry with singing
We turn to literature at the most challenging days in our life.  The Psalms are always a comfort as well as a source of inspiration, happiness, singing and instruction for living life.
I focused on some of the Psalms; wrote a number of my own personal “Meditations on the Psalms.”
,”Drawing and Writing from the Psalms”
is an  introduction to the imagery and lyrical majesty found in the Psalms. I created this workshop, a course in learning how to get inspiration for your writing by using the Psalms.
 In our workshop, students  read a Psalm, meditated on the text, then wrote responses to where this text led them in their own writing projects.  We also used the imagery of the Psalms to create drawings and paintings.
Photo: Lynda McKinney Lambert is visually  impaired.writes using adaptive equipment for the blind.  Here you can see her using Zoomtext, which enlarges her print, and reads the text to her as she works.
 blog15_WBIV_May_ WriterInfluence_LyndaWriting_Compressed
Walking by Inner Vision Journal:  Writing Assignment #19
How can I use the Psalms to lead me into some creative writing?
1._ Begin by reading one Psalm (or passage  of your choice).
2._ Jot down notes on that Psalm as you read it.
3._ Continue to think about the images and language of this Psalm after you read it.
4._ You may need to read it several times to get the feel of it.
5._ Use your notes to create your own Psalm.
Note:  Reading the Psalms led me to write my book, “Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage,”  published by Kota Press.  My book features work I created over a a decade  as I traveled through Europe every summer while teaching a course for college students.  My work reflects the music of life, as we walk day by day on our life’s journey.
My EXAMPLE: Below  is one of my “Meditations.”
Psalm 138 
 The link below will take you to a recording of the  original source if you want to compare my meditation with the original that inspired me one day in 1999.
You can listen to this Psalm:
“An Interpretation on Psalm 138”
           by Lynda McKinney Lambert
I am standing here,  Lord
my heart full of praises for you
I am sometimes aware
that the angels of heaven
surround me as I sing
In my imagination
I  stand against a gentle breeze
still on the mountain top
looking at your Holy Temple
The sun warms my face
How could I refrain
from singing today
as  I think about your faithfulness
and the promises you keep
Your trust is guaranteed
You know there’s been days
when I’ve been weak
my condition has been shameful
Yet, you respond to me
with encouragement and new dreams
Wouldn’t every person in this world
like to hear your voice today
Surely they would give you thanks
because you know them personally
They will see that you are great
Through the greatest dangers
we have come hand in hand
You cleared the way before us
and quietly rescued me
Is it  because you have plans for me
The vitality of life passes before
the presence of  your glance
Let this day develop as you say
and for only one reason

I am your creation


Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright 1999 and 2015.  All Rights Reserved.

You may enjoy doing additional research on the value of the scribe in ancient literature.

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