The Silent Thief of Sight


During my residency experience at the Blind and Vision Rehabilitation School, Homestead, PA, I met a number of other blind people who have Glaucoma. Up until that time, it was only a word for me, and I had no understanding of what it does to people. Now, I know a lot more about it and when I think of Glaucoma, I envision some of my fellow students at the school.

You need to know this: it sneaks up on you and without warning, you are having BIG problems.

Read the website I have enclosed here for more information on the “Silent Thief of Sight.” It IS teatable and if it is detected in the early stages you have a much better chance of avoiding sight loss.

The earlier the better for treating this disease. A very simple test with your regular eye exam can detect Glaucoma. Be sure to have a regular eye exam, even if you have no symptoms at all. Your eye sight is precious, guard it carefully.

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