The Photograph Poem_Writing Assignment #22

Walking by Inner Vision Journal

Writing Assignment #22

The Photograph as Subject for your writing

1._ Select a photograph that seems to have special meaning for you.

2._ Sit quietly and look at the photo selected.

3._What colors do you see?

What do the colors make you think of as you look at the photo?

4._Write a few adjectives (describing words) about the colors.

5._Write some verbs (doing words) that reflect what the colors are doing in the photo? How does this make you feel?

6._Write about objects in the photo as you stare into it.

Do you see something you had not noticed previously? What is it?

7._Take the list you made while contemplating the photo;  arrange them into a poem.  You can add or remove more words as you write the poem.


The photograph I meditated on for this poem:  

My Photo title: Handmade Gifts

If a PHOTOGRAPH is worth a THOUSAND WORDS, I have no need to say much more. I will say,  “Thank You, Dear God for warm colors and Gifts of Love.


“Dear God, my heart bursts With much gratitude for HANDMADE friends”

I write with a heart full of gratitude today

You have given me so many friends who know the value of “HANDmade” love

There are no gifts to compare with the gifts made by their own hands

the best ones

Thank you, dear Kathy Szakleheidi for the homemade bread and rolls

cards and notes and messages of love

Delightful mornings with my coffee in mugs given to me by Heidi McClure

for the gift of the handmade mugs

from the potter’s hands

And, oh the delicious treats from Raylene Italiano’s kitchen

the homemade jelly and loaves of bread on winter days

cookies and love

 Ilsa Barry and Salome Mengle kept me supplied

with gifts the K-cups – so tasty

Special thanks, in memory, of my precious friend

June Molohon Kerstetter

handmade pottery plates

and more

and more memories than any friend could ever hold in her hands


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