The Arrival of the VIP

 I write this post  today to celebrate  an adventure from forty-four years ago.

On December 28, 1972 I had my first ever airplane ride. I traveled from Pittsburgh, PA to Los Angeles, California.  On this special day, I was going to greet our new son who was to arrive from Vietnam. He was less than 2 years old.

Recently I thought about this very big event in the lives of our family.

I wrote a poem about the announcement we made at that time.

After my return home with our new son, I created a little card that announced the arrival of Robert Andrew Lambert into our family and our hearts.

We called him The VIP.



The Arrival of the VIP



We are pleased to announce

the arrival of a VIP. He came

from one side of the world

across the ocean to this new place.


Christmas was late

the VIP was expected

on December 28th.

in time for the New Year


The VIP’s flight ended in LA

where I spotted him in the plane

accompanied by a laughing woman

they were singing songs.

We left the plane together

the VIP, handsome lady and me

safely settled the small babies

onto the soft couch.


The VIP began to tremble

opened his mouth wide

screamed out his despair

and searched for a safe place to hide.


I offered him wrapped gifts from my bag

colorful toys and some soft drinks

but nothing eased his pain & fears

we waited for the next plane to Pittsburgh.


A slim young woman with long, dark

hair – it must have looked so strange

when I carried my heavy bag with one hand

and hoisted the wary VIP to my chest.


Our flight left right on time

I balanced him on my knees

wrapped a blanket around him

murmured quiet songs till he fell asleep.


Two grandparents, one father, three

sisters – all waited to meet the VIP

we arrived in the late afternoon

three days after Christmas.


The little girls giggled – danced in circles

enticed the VIP to join in the fun

brought him splendid candy and gifts

Santa left them under their tree.


We mailed out announcements

each one to a special friend

“Please join us in celebrating

the arrival of our VIP.”


Our new son has arrived from

Vietnam just before the new year,

1973, with lots of love and happy times

we dried his tears and made him laugh.


Welcome to the home in our hearts

A Very Important Person, our VIP

Robert Andrew Lambert, you are

the best Christmas gift ever.


Copyright 2016. Lynda McKinney Lambert. All rights reserved.


Photos: R. Andrew Lambert , by Lynda McKinney  Lambert















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