Create Your New Bio

y Recommendation:

Create 2 bios! Many editors want a bio that is 100 words or less.

Unless an editor wants a purely academic bio, I really limit my bio to the little nuances in life that turn me on.

Be creative. Give your bio a human touch. The editor wants to know who you are as a person, What do you think about? What do you love?  What do you want others to know about the world you create in your wri

Where I Stumble

I offer here a final glimpse into a personal memory-scape, where my own life experience at a time of crisis and uncertainty. In this picture, I hold in my hands an object that appears to be a talisman from the ancient past. A talisman is a protective garment or piece of jewelry that is worn to ward off evil spirits, defeat enemies in a battle, or bring healing, energy and clarity to mind of the one who wears it. The talisman is a sacred object.

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