The Connie

the Connie comes alive with the voices and sounds of the local “Crick Culture.” That’s what we call it here. Kayaking begins in earnest in late winter as soon as the ice begins to dissipate. Hearty enthusiasts will continue to ride the rapids through the summer days in into the fall season. The Connie’s whitewater rapids provide the perfect setting for a swift course for kayakers to perfect their skills.

Pachysandra Gifts – Writing Assignment #15

Walking by Inner Vision Journal – Writing Assignment #15 “Pachysandra Gifts” Introducing:  The Diamante Poem (The Diamond Poem) In Italian, the word “Diamante” means “diamond.” The unique 7-Line STRUCTURE of the Diamante poem will give it the appearances of a diamond shape. I like this form so much for it is a work of art…

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