Sunday Sunbeams _ The Weekly Avocet

Sunday Sunbeams


…The Weekly Avocet

June 3, 2018

Article #187


Sunday Sunbeams is a series of  stories, poems or comments

 by Pennsylvania Author, Lynda McKinney Lambert


What does the word, SUNBEAMS, mean to YOU?


I think about:




Happiness, and Light


Today – I am celebrating The Weekly Avocet.


This is a weekly literary magazine that arrives in my in-box every Sunday morning.

The magazine features poetry and short writings with Nature as the focus.


Each Sunday morning, I make a cup of hot coffee and I go to my E-mail box to find my copy of

The Weekly Avocet.  


The poems remind me of the beauty, majesty  mystery and blessing of this world. Each poet brings new insights  and information to me every week. The Weekly Avocet is a Sunday Sunbeam – it brightens my day and my thoughts.


Where is YOUR Spot-of-Heaven-on-Earth?

The natural world of my own spot-of-heaven-on-earth is western Pennsylvania.

Wherever you are today, there is a natural world around you that is stunning.

 All of Nature is for our good pleasure.


Take a look around and bear witness to this glorious truth.


Thank you…

to the editors of The Weekly Avocet and the quarterly print magazine, The Avocet.

Editor: Charles Portolano

Co-Editors: Vivian and Valerie Portolano

Please visit The Avocet  website

You can get a copy of

The Weekly Avocet

in your mailbox every Sunday morning, too.

You can enter your nature-themed writing for consideration and you might find your own poetry there one morning when you open your E-mail.

Contact Charles Portolano, Editor –  E-mail is




Listen to my poem, “the sky visited me,” which is published in today’s issue of

The Weekly Avocet (Issue #287, June 3, 2018)

Wait a few moments and you will hear me reading  my poem!


Sunday Sunbeams is written by Lynda McKinney Lambert. Copyright June 6, 2018. All rights reserved.

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