Spring Haiku: Writing Assignment #9




I know that SPRING is on the way because we already turned our clocks FORWARD  here in western Pennsylvania.


Turning the clock forward by one hour gives us such a different perception of the time and the shift we are experiencing  into a different season.  I can FEEL it in the AIR ~  Spring is nearly here!  The layers of crusty, slippery snow are quickly melting  into the muddy earth.  The all-day rains have moved into our area and that signals that VERY  SOON little flowers will pop up as the Earth warms.

This is the best time to take a walk around your neighborhood and look for the signs of Spring that are all around you.

Have you done that yet? Even in the rain, you can take a little “WALKABOUT” to see what is happening.  I do it every day because I have a dog who needs to be walked a few times a day.

That is my excuse for being “out there” in every kind of weather.








There is a poetic form called a “Haiku.”

It is a Japanese form that is elegant and so much fun to write.

There are just a few rules for the Haiku and here they are.

One_The Haiku will have just 3 lines

Two_The meter of the lines will be:  5, 7, 5 (Just count the syllables out for each line.)

Three_ Your Haiku needs to focus on a season. In our case, we will focus on Spring. You need not name the season in your poem, but you can give information and words that make the reader think of spring.

Let’s try writing a Haiku..  I would LOVE to have you send yours to me so I can rejoice with you in creating your first Haiku poem. I warn you, they are ADDICTIVE, and you will want to do lots more.  You can contact me by sending your poem to me at:


Writing Assignment #9:  Write a Haiku to Spring.


This poem is written in the Japanese  Haiku form. A Haiku has three lines, and traditionally it will have a reference to a season.


Spring Haiku

Bright saffron flowers

disrupted crystal blankets

to announce, “It’s Spring!”



Lynda McKinney Lambert.Poem Copyright, 2004.

Blog Essay and poem, Copyright 2015.  All Rights Reserved.

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