Saturday Morning Trawling


Saturday Morning Trawling

 My plans today just changed.

It’s Saturday morning and normally I go fishing on Saturdays.


My husband and I were going to drive about ½ hour away to a different town, to donate a car load of items to the Goodwill Store. You see, we have been cleaning out our attics and closets for the past month. And that is just a start of what will be a long project to purge our home and garage of the stuff we have accumulated in all the nooks and crannies since we moved here fifty years ago. Yes, we have entered the danger zone. The sign says, “NO FISHING.”


Connoquenessing Creek, Wurtemburg, Pennsylvania


Shortly after I got up and did some writing today, we were going to take a trip to drop off the boxes of items we packed into our car. But now, it’s raining and dreary. Secretly, I say, “Perfect!” I asked my husband, “Do you want to wait and do it on Monday afternoon after we have lunch?”  It’s settled. He does not like to drive in a rain storm, so I can nose about in my favorite fishing site like I do almost  every day. On Saturdays you can usually find me baiting my hooks, casting my lines or angling along the various streams of my favorite fishing holes.  No matter the weather condition or season, I prepare for a day of searching and probing for my best probabilities.  But, I’m not in the rural creek behind my house or in a boat on the warm and pleasant Caribbean Sea in Puerto Rico. Not today.





Lynda on the beach in Puerto Rico

Oh, no, I’ll  do my fishing indoors in my favorite fishing hole. Rainy and dreary days are perfect for my favorite indoor sport.
You can find me right here in my office, scanning over the wide expanse of deep waters that come as opportunities for submissions to literary magazines, journals or other publications.  Marketing and promoting my creative products as a fishing adventure. Who cares if it’s raining out there? Not me! I can just put on my CDs of Puerto Rico music and drift away on the turquoise tropical waves of my Bose sound system.

There’s no need for sun blocker and I can remain in my pajamas as long as I like. With a nice bump of energy from my morning cup of strong coffee and the steady beat of dance music of the islands, I’m all set for my inspired explorations and marathons in the  deep-sea of exotic fishing adventures.


Today, I’ll enter my poetry in an awards contest. I wrote my “Personal Statement” early this morning. Figuring out which poems to send is the hardest part of the submission process.

Many of my poems are published, so I have to do my homework, make certain  I don’t send any that are previously published.  But, who knows! I might get this writing game right as I continue to push myself to do my best.


I’ll just keep casting my bread upon the  turbulent, deep and dangerous  publications waters .

Puerto Rico Beach_Photo by Lynda McKinney Lambert

A rainy Saturday in July is perfect weather for trawling!


Lynda McKinney Lambert  lives and writes in the Village of Wurtemburg in rural Western Pennsylvania.

She is the author of two books:

Concerti: Psalms for the Pilgrimage, Kota Press, 2003.

Walking by Inner Vision: Stories & Poems, DLD Books, 2017

She is a retired professor fine arts and humanities from Geneva College, Beaver Falls, PA.

Her retirement in 2008 opened the door for her to work full-time at her writing and art making passions.

Lynda lost most of her vision in 2007, due to Ischemic Optic Neuropathy.  This challenge has not kept her from producing her creative work or from teaching. Her art is exhibited in international and national exhibitions and her writing is published in  a variety  of literary venues.

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“Our truest life is when we are in our dreams – awake.” Henry David Thoreau


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