October Fest – Morning Walk with Rocco

October Fest  – #2

In honor of my literary celebration of October Fest,

I am sharing a poem ~

“Morning Walk with Rocco,”

Post #205

I wrote this poem after completing a 3-mile walk with my little dog, Rocco MO Rocco. He came to live with Bob & me after I lost my sight.

Because of my intense teaching  and travel schedules, we did not have a dog for  EIGHTEEN YEARS. Now that I was retired, it was time to find a little dog for us to love. Our daughter Salome’ came to our home, and she began to search for a dog that would be the perfect dog for Bob and me. That Sunday afternoon with Salome’ at the computer was such an exciting time for us all. We were giddy with joy at the thought of having a dog in our home again. We love animals and now, I could be home to take care of a dog.

I heard them say,

“Oh, this one looks  like the perfect dog. His name is Rocco.

Yes, Rocco is the one for us. We will call the shelter and let them know, we want Rocco!”

That was it. When we saw the photo of Rocco, it  was love at first sight – from the photo on the website.

This precious senior dog was in a shelter where he had been waiting for a forever home for over 6 months. Rocco  became my eyes and my heart, in January 2009, when we brought him home from the shelter.

I dedicate this poem to the Lawrence County Humane Shelter,

New Castle, PA. Adopt a Friend – Click Here!


This is the place where we found our little boy waiting for his forever home.

“Morning Walk with Rocco”


Little black dog shivers

leaps with excitement

I attach his black vest

for our morning walk.

I say, “sit down,” but he cannot



Finally, ready to go

out  kitchen door.

silky black dog, black vest, red leather leash

he dances across the wooden porch

scurries down stone stairs.

bushy waterfall tail streams down

like a trailing skirt of silk threads.


our feet move in silence

down the rural road

early sunrise to our backs

white Reeboks and fur-padded slipper-feet

ears erect, pink tongue tasting the morning



The first mile is all uphill

I look at him often

he is not a young dog

extra pounds around his middle

like mine

sturdy, resolute, faithful


We change direction.

glance at newly-plowed fields

familiar fields I watched

when I was a schoolgirl

walking the mile-long path home


we complete the second mile

pause at railroad tracks where

I used to lay a penny on the rail

copper coins became sacred mandalas



The final stretch

beside rushing waters

crooked creek runs fast

stop to breathe sweet scents

tangles of green honeysuckle vines

red-winged blackbirds sing

wild ducks paddle in circles

rushing water, locust trees, pines

pale blue morning glories


My dog tugs at the end of his leash

moves to the middle of the road

I bring him back to my side

where he is safe.


His ears no longer stand tall

tail is relaxed

breath comes faster

we walk directly into the sunshine


My hand shelters my eyes.

from glare of the rising sun

we completed our 3-mile circle

back through the woods

we seek the shade of tall oak trees


My dog picks up the pace

his ears point towards home

at the gravel pathway

I remove his vest and leash.

he dashes to the door of our house

bounces against me

inside, it is cool,

he runs to his bowl of fresh water

our morning walk, complete.



In loving memory of Rocco, the Shelti-Pom shelter-dog who brightened my life and became my eyes from 2009 – 2014.  I will carry you in my heart forever, dear boy.

October Fest posts are  written and published by Lynda McKinney Lambert, Copyright, 2018.

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4 thoughts on “October Fest – Morning Walk with Rocco

  1. What a nice thought Joan. I wrote the outline for this poem immediately after I returned from our walk. I was trying to memorize the sights, sounds, feelings, and scents as we walked together. Because he was at east 7 when we got him, I always knew our time together would be short and I kept trying to hold onto it all in my heart. Thanks so much for your encouragement.

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