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April 9, 2019

My Interview with Tony Eames

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December 2017
Volume 11, Issue 4
Wordgathering: A Journal of Disability Poetry and Literature

Les Fauves, by Barbara Crooker. Poetry

I wrote the book review for Wordgathering Literary Magazine.
I have a life-long passion for all-things-ART and I was particularly interested in reading Barbara Crookers collection of 62 poems. I loved this book so much I read it several times before I started to write the review. It was hard to select just a few examples for the review. My own interest in the marriage of art and writing was satisfied as I read the book. And, of course, I love the FAUVES.
I think you will also love this book. Her writing is classy, articulate, and bold.

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Upwelling, A book of poetry by Anne Chiappetta

“A Breath, an Intonation Expresses a Desire to Act”
This thought, “the desire to act,” begins a journey we will take as we pick up the first book written by Ann Chiappetta who has been blind since 1993.

Lynda’s review was published in The American Foundation for the Blind Bookshelf.

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